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Infosys Limited

  1. BigPanda Certified Administrator
  2. New Relic Certified Performance Pro
  3. AppDynamics
    1. AppDynamics Sales Kickstarter Certification
    2. AppDynamics SE Kickstarter Certification  
  4. Splunk
    1. Splunk Certified IT & App Sales Rep
    2. Splunk Certified Sales Rep II
    3. Splunk Certified Sales Rep I
    4. Splunk Certified User
  5. ServiceNow
    1. Partner Enablement SELL Learning Path:
                  ServiceNow Sales Specialization:
                              IT Service Management
                              IT Operations ManagementPerformance Analytics
                              Human Resources Service Management
                              IT Business Management
                              Customer Service Management
                              Security Operations
                              Project Portfolio Suite - PE-SELL-300PPS-WBT     
                  ServiceNow Partner Operations (Solution Partners only)
                  ServiceNow Sales Tools

    2. Partner Enablement - SOLVE Learning Path:
                  ServiceNow Specialization:
                  Communication Workshop Training for Partners

    3. Partner Enablement - DELIVERY Learning Path:
                  Event Management:
                              Fuji TOI - ITOM - Event Management
                              Geneva TOI-Event Management
                              Helsinki TOI- Event Management
                              Istanbul TOI - Event Management
                              Jakarta TOI - ITOM- Event Management
                  Incident Management Geneva Technical Accreditation
                  Platform Core - Helsinki - Technical Consultant (TC) Accreditation
                  Service Portal TC Helsinki Accreditation
                  Edge Encryption Helsinki Technical Accreditation
                  Express Helsinki Technical Accreditation
                  Orchestration Technical Accreditation
                  Project Portfolio Suite Helsinki Technical Accreditation
                  Performance Analytics Technical Accreditation
                  Human Resources - Solution Delivery Manager (SDM) Curriculum
                  SAIF Fundamentals

    4. Security
                  Security Operations Level 100 - Technical Consultant
                  ServiceNow Security Hardening Guidelines
                  ServiceNow Secure Coding Guidelines
                  Fuji Security
                              Fuji TOI - Security
                  Geneva Security
                              Geneva TOI-Platform Security
                  Helsinki Security
                              Helsinki TOI - Security Incident Response
                              Helsinki TOI - Threat Intelligence Edge
                              Helsinki TOI - Vulnerability Response
                  Istanbul Security
                              Istanbul Security Operations Updates
                              Istanbul TOI - Platform Security
                              Istanbul TOI - Security Incident Response
                  Jakarta Security
                              Jakarta TOI - Platform- Security
                              Jakarta TOI - Security
                              Security Products with Jakarta Updates


  1. Alert Tracing
  2. Collaborative DevOps with Rational and Tivoli Products
  3. IBM 7.3.1-OMNIbus-Probe for JDBC-TTECGO-NSA
  4. IBM Endpoint Manager for Remote Control 9.0 TTEC GO
  5. IBM ITM with Embedded HTTP Server
  6. IBM Netcool OMNIbus 7.3.x Multitier System
  7. IBM Service Line Command and Control (SODLCC01)
  8. ITM6 Agent Troubleshooting
  9. ITM6 Infrastructure
  10. Modify Trace setting using TACMD Command Line Interface
  11. Global Information Technology Nonconformance Management
  12. Global Issue Management v2.13 (LDE-LTU28564)
  13. Global IT Infrastructure Change Control (GIT-IO-S-0005)
  14. IBM Change Management and the Client Experience (SODLCM01)
  15. Problem Management (RCA)
  16. Quality Tracking System (QTS) Infrastructure Change Control (ICC)
  17. Major Incident Management (MIM)
  18. Incident Management
  19. Incident Management Process
  20. Infrastructure Matters: Pathways to Success
  21. Cybersecurity for Digital IBMers 2014
  22. Emerging Security Threats and Technologies to Counter Them
  23. Global Security Education - Introduction to the sudo tool on UNIX servers
  24. Global Unix Excessive Privileges "EP" Security Education
  25. IBM Digital IBMer: Responsible, Secure Computing (CIODIG12)
  26. IBM GTS SARM Password General Security and Requirements (SRM13001)
  27. IBM GTS SARM Shared User ID Management Education (SRM13002)
  28. IBM ITD SARM - CIRATS (SRM21022)
  29. IBM ITD SARM - CIRATS & Noncompliance Issues (SRM21021)
  30. IBM Sudo Tool on UNIX Servers (KL12559G)
  31. IBM Sudo Tool on UNIX Servers Security (LDE-LTU39536)
  32. Security Requirements for Administrators
  33. HIPPA Security Focal Communication (HIPAA-CTRL-06)
  34. HIPPA 2015 Medicare Advantage and Part D General Compliance Training 1.0
  35. HIPPA Compliance Program 1.1
  36. HIPPA Fulfillment Program (POL-REGSVC-HPO-001)
  37. HIPPA Overview: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  38. IBM Awareness of FDA Regulatory Compliance (LTU20966)
  39. IBM HIPAA Compliance Guide (Basic) 1.1
  40. IBM Individual Responsibilities for FDA Regulated Accounts (RDTS)
  41. IBM ITD SARM - HIPAA (HLS0102)
  42. International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
  43. US Export Regulations and IBM Defense Programs
  44. Cloud Computing 101
  45. Cloud Computing: Business Case
  46. Cloud Computing: Elastic Provisioning
  47. Cloud Computing: Essentials of Cloud Computing
  48. Cloud Computing: IAM Solution For and From The Cloud
  49. Cloud Computing: ISeC
  50. Cloud Computing: Manage and Monitor
  51. Cloud Computing: Myths & Concerns
  52. Cloud Computing: Overview of Cloud Computing Architecture
  53. Cloud Computing: Security on Cloud
  54. Cloud Computing: Service Models
  55. Cloud Computing: Terminology
  56. Cloud Computing: Virtualization and the Cloud
  57. Cloud Computing: WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration and Web API
  58. Cloud Orientation: Introduction to Cloud Computing
  59. IBM Social Media Analytics 1.2
  60. Time Series Analysis
  61. Text and Natural Language Processing Analytics
  62. Spatio-Temporal Analytics
  63. Social Business with IBM Connections 4.5 and Connections C
  64. Image and Video Analytics
  65. IBM Writing for IT 101 (ADHOC1029219)
  66. Good Documentation Practices

Multi-@ccess Communications

  1.  A+ Hardware
  2.  A+ Operating Systems
  3.  WIN2K Networking and OS (2151)
  4.  Implementing WIN2K Professional and Server (2152)
  5.  Implementing WIN2K Network Infrastructure (2153)
  6.  Implementing & Administering WIN2K Directory Services (2154)
  7.  Designing WIN2K Directory Services Infrastructure (1561)
  8.  Managing WIN2K Network Environment (2126)
  9.  Administering a MSQL 2000 Server Database (2072)
  10. Programming a MSQL Server 2000 Database (2073)
  11. Certified Site Technician AT&T
  12. Certified DC Power Installer, QMW


  1. Winstar Equipment Installation, Testing and Certification
  2. Certified RFR Safety
  3. Certified Cable Installer
  4. FCC Certified


  1. Series 6 License
  2. Life & Health Insurance License

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