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This site is about Mark A. Ceely, an accomplished business leader with 20+ years of combined project management, business management, leadership, and technical experience in multiple industries.  

Mark has travelled extensively and has experience working in diverse business cultures throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Besides being a Practice Director at InSource, Inc., Mark is a Husband, Father and Sports Fan. Mark likes to support his local community in various ways as much as time permits.

Mark is always looking for his next career adventure and would be happy to assist your company move into the future.

Information Technology is not something to be taken lightly by any business in todays world. It requires a lot of effort, and a lot of investment. Businesses that work "on-the-cheap" NEVER survive very long!

Mark wants to work with an organization prepared to invest the right amount of effort and financing to build a solid future. Those not prepared to do so are wasting their time, their money, and his.

Should these terms seems reasonable to you, please contact Mark here.

Best regards to all!